Offering custom tailored mission training for Special Operations Teams, Special Law Enforcement, and Special Tactical Para-Rescue Personnel that is tailored to their individual operational needs. This section is not open to the public and requires an operator fitness level of 5 for entry into courses.

Battle spaces are always evolving and ever-changing thus so are the tactics and methods being taught by our master instructors. The Special Combat Training Academy ” SPECCOMTRA”  is designed from the very start to address the concerns of special operators downrange and the situations they may face while carrying out their objectives.

Agencies use your assigned log in to access additional data regarding curriculum.

Training officers and commands requesting additional information regarding SPECCOMTRA will have to go through the proper channels and vetting process to see if you qualify for mission training with SPECCOMTRA.

No foreign nationals are allowed into the training program at this time.

Combat Pistol Class U.S. Citizens Only

Combat Rifle Class U.S. Citizens Only

Combat Shotgun Class U.S. Citizens Only

Event Support/Safety Boats City events or builds over water bodies that require safety boats or support boats.

Basic Self Defense Individual classes available.

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