Fitness Levels

These levels are meant as a guide so you don’t have a bad time or cause the rest of the tour group/team to have a bad time. It’s about fun and adventure, it shouldn’t make you feel bad or feel bad towards someone else. Commandos operating as a team finish as a team, Independent Operators/Commandos in the military learn to work as a team before they operate alone. Don’t book a level 5 mission if you can’t do the basic level 5 PT Test. Most of our tours/missions will be a level 1 or 2 and easy for any healthy person.


  • Level 1- You don’t exercise regularly.
  • Level 2- You exercise infrequently and a 1 mile hike leaves you tired (most people will be in this group)
  • Level 3-You exercise 3 times a week including cardio and weights for 1 hour or less.
  • Level 4- You exercise 5 times a week including cardio and weights, a 1 mile run is easy for you.
  • Level 5- You follow a regular physical training regiment including sit ups, push ups, swimming, running, pull ups, weight training, etc. , you are an elite warrior and a force to be reckoned with.


As a level 5 you should be able to do this basic physical fitness test as a minimum before you begin any level 5 mission.

450 meter swim in 12:30 (12 minutes 30 seconds breast stroke or side stroke only)

rest for 10 minutes

50 push ups in less than 2 minutes (military style no allowance for gender)

rest for 2 minutes

50 sit ups in less than 2 minutes

rest for 2 minutes

10 pull ups in less than 2 minutes

rest for 10 minutes

run 1.5 miles in less than 10:30 (10 minutes 30 seconds)

If the tour operator/guide feels you may not be a level 5 or better they may ask that the aspiring commando complete this test before allowing him/her on the mission.