SPECCOMTRA LLC is an Oregon Benefit Company REGISTRY NUMBER 106383995 that provides volunteers at no cost for select events like The Portland Rose Festival Dragon Boat Races, The Big Float,Portland Bridge Swim, and City, State, or Federal Levels upon pre-approved mission criteria acceptance. Our primary focus at these events is to provide water safety and education services.

(An Oregon benefit company is a type of corporation or limited liability company that wants to consider its impact on society and the environment in the business decision-making process, in addition to earning a profit.)

Email SPECCOMTRA the particulars of your event and if  you are a charity or organization your corporate info so we can check our schedule and permitting requirements. SPECCOMTRA works with military, fire and police agencies on a volunteer basis in the event of an emergency or in a charitable fashion whenever the need arises. If we are in the area of operation you may contact SPECCOMTRA in an emergency situation via channel 16 on VHF .  SPECCOMTRA always responds to a MAYDAY request regardless of current mission.

To contribute goods, services, or monies to the Non-Profit Team or to arrange a Non-Profit Mission please contacts us.