Bridge City Tours

Why settle for an ordinary tour when you can take the best “Bridge City” tour available? 15 bridges in all! We put you in a smaller commando style boat with one of our licensed captains and take you to the places you want to see rather than the standard low-budget fare available on other boats and tours. You will have an experience that will live in your memories as one of the high points of your visit to Portland. We can land you on an island, or put you in the perfect spot for that picture you always wanted. A favorite for local Portlanders and tourists alike who demand the very best.

Imagine cruising on the Willamette River with only the people you want to share your experience with rather than a bunch of coupon holding strangers swilling drinks. Your experience will be exclusive to say the least. We can offer up to two boats for larger parties, any more and the experience is too large and diluted for the experience we think you deserve.

Swim calls are possible on any of our tours, try doing that on another boat or tour and you’ll start to see the benefits we offer as a standard package. Everyone from Hollywood actors, professional athletes, politicians, and private citizens alike all agree we offer the very best experience available afloat today. (100% privacy guaranteed)

You can book our tours through one of the better hotels in Portland or you can reserve your space by contacting us directly.

We will begin booking for 2015 when the weather warms up and the Sun is high in the sky and all of the state & federal fees/permits are taken care of.

Spaces are very limited and a non-refundable deposit is required for booking so don’t delay. (Our captains reserve the right to cancel any trip due to unsafe conditions or inclement weather in which case a trip may be rescheduled or refunded at our discretion)

Our friendly USCG licensed captains are trained in CPR, First Aid, and Water Rescue with hundreds of thousands of nautical miles logged on our Nation’s Waterways and World’s Oceans. You deserve the very best trained and experienced people for your money, you deserve us!

St. Johns Bridge

Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge 5.1

Fremont Bridge

Broadway Bridge

Steel Bridge

Burnside Bridge

Morrison Bridge

Hawthorne Bridge

Marquam Bridge

Tilikum Crossing

Ross Island Bridge

Sellwood Bridge

Lake Oswego Railroad Bridge

Abernethy Bridge

Oregon City Bridge

Willamette Falls