Zipline Mission

Our tour guides put you right into the action on the Zipline Mission!

The group first gets a safety brief and learns the correct way to wear a climbing harness by ex-military and professional climbing instructors before embarking on the mission. This mission has a weight limit of 250lbs. and a minimum of 70lbs. so if you fall outside of those weights you will be sitting out. The group will be expected to do some moderate hiking and alcohol/drugsĀ are strictly forbidden so leave it at home or you will be sitting out. The Zipline course is one of the easiest and bests ways to have some fun with your friends and family.

Tours will start once all state and federal requirements are met and permits for 2015 are issued.

Download & Print The Release speccomtra liability2015

Fitness levels for this mission segment are very easy at a level 1.

Everyone clipped in and ready to ZIP!

Everyone clipped in and ready to ZIP!

Commando candidates who have a zipline mission as part of their overall package will be expected to have a fitness level of 2 or better to complete this phase.

For more information on fitness requirements/levels click here.