About Us

SPECCOMTRA LLC is an Oregon Benefit Company REGISTRY NUMBER 106383995 that provides volunteers at no cost for select events like The Portland Rose Festival Dragon Boat Races, The Big Float,Portland Bridge Swim and City, State, or Federal Levels upon pre-approved mission criteria acceptance. Our primary focus at these events is to provide water safety and education services.

(An Oregon benefit company is a type of corporation or limited liability company that wants to consider its impact on society and the environment in the business decision-making process, in addition to earning a profit.)

Our Captains and Guides have extensive time on the water sailing, power boating, surfing, diving you name it. They are wet behind the ears to this day!

Team Leader SSB Team 1 grew up in Hawaii working on charters before going to sea for several years to grow his knowledge of all things blue. While conducting bathymetric surveys SSB1 realized a life on the water was what he wanted to be doing with his time on the planet. SSB1 has conducted many scientific missions in marine biology and oceanography utilizing multitudes of vessels on the blue water he now calls home. SSB1 would probably never come out of the water if he didn’t have to. SSB1 spends the off-season in Hawaii studying sharks and reef habitat ecology.

Team leader SSB Team 2 decided the surf in San Diego just wasn’t big enough according to him so he re-enlisted and moved to Hawaii where here sailed and surfed anytime he was off duty. Specializing in submarine repair, deep-sea diving, rescue, salvage, interdiction, etc., or anything else that got him into or on the water. SSB2 spends his off-season in Hawaii surfing and studying sea turtles & marine mammals in their natural habitat.

Together our captains have hundreds of thousands of nautical miles under their belts and have served as special operators for major television and film companies on those shows we all love to watch from the safety of our couches. Our guides have the utmost respect for the environment and will often pick up trash wherever they go. Don’t be surprised if you see them veer off to pull some trash out of the water or off  the beach. Remember you can always lend a hand if you want to, you can be part of the solution for cleaner oceans and waterways.

Most days off  SSB1 and SSB2 are practicing their boating skills, lifesaving skills or taking some kind of class involving the marine environment or sea creatures. You can find them on the coast, the Columbia River, Willamette River or all three in one day.

Commando Tours supports The Human Access Project, The City of Portland, The Pacific Marine Mammal Center, The State of Hawaii, The State of Oregon, The Oregon State Marine Board, The Rozalia Project and countless others willing to make a difference in the world.

SPECCOMTRA and Commando Tours is a privately held and veteran owned company.
Our Captains and Guides are CPR-AED-First Aid Certified