Portland’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC)

SPECCOMTRA LLC/Commando Tours was happy to be invited to give our two cents on the future of Portland’s Willamette River Future Development Program as it pertains to ecology, human access, river guides, and recreation. SPECCOMTRA LLC/Commando Tours was primarily in attendance to make sure human access and river ecology are not being over looked with the typical political  haze that often occurs in these functions. The Human Access Project is one of the organizations SPECCOMTRA LLC/Commando Tours is happy to support because they want more people to be able to enjoy the river resources in their own back yards.

We discuss the future of Portland's Willamette River with city officials and citizens alike.

We discuss the future of Portland’s Willamette River with city officials and citizens alike.

Some of you remember recent scouting missions performed by SPECCOMTRA LLC/Commando Tours for Portland City Planners and Human Access Project V.I.P.s, this was part of the process last night. We’d like to acknowledge Will Levenson  for his role in recent river projects and events and pledge our continued support for human access on Portland’s Waterways.

Stay Tuned for pics from our upcoming V.I.P. Winter Mission with The Human Access Project and Portland City Planners to look at possible future recreational areas along Portland’s Willamette River.

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